wow time is flying

Last Wedneday I was rained out of clinic (flash flooding of some of the roads). Here things bounce back quickly though. In September they had bad flooding during tropical storm Nichole. I was told that there was 3 ft of water in all of the buildings in downtown Port Maria. The whole city was back up and running in 2 days. The water receeds quickly and since everything is concrete they just swept out the mud and went about business as usual.
Thursday I worked in the Annotto Bay clinic. You see a mixture of newborn exams, hospital follow ups and sick kids. Mostly well though. I rode back with Candi (one of the other docs at Annotto Bay) and she said we should go to the market sometime. What better time than right then? We poked around at the market. I bought one thing at the very end (shirt for my dad). I appreciated her going with me. When we got back to the resort SURPRISE my husband had flown in for our anniversary (5 yrs Nov 19th).
Friday he went with me to Port Antonio. It was great because that is my longest drive and he got to see all of the countryside. I also do outpatient and inpatient work there so he got to see it all.
We had a wonderful weekend. The resort has a flag system (green= all water sports are on, yellow= some of them, red= no sports). It was really windy so Sat and Sun were both red flag days. We still had an awesome anniversary!
Doug left Monday at 3am (I take the same early flight next Wed morning).
Yesterday and today were outpatient clinic days at Port Maria. I set a personal record for the # of patients seen in a day (27)!
Tomorrow is inpatient Annotto Bay. Thursday I will celebrate Thanksgiving. Friday back to Port Antonio. One last weekend of fun. Last work day is Monday!
I can’t believe how fast this month has gone.
Now time for fun Jamaican stuff:
When you ask a kid what grade they are in the will say one, two, etc. Not first, second.
Many people here believe strongly in home remedies (pepper in your mouth for a sore throat, the leaf of a certain tree placed on the head for a fever, different roots and plants etc).
Once you finish grade 11 there is an option to do grades 12 and 13 but you have to be accepted. I don’t think many people do it.
People complain about the government here too.
Ummmm I’m running out of things.

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