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Reducing Infant / Neonate Morbidity and Mortality

ITF takes a multifaceted approach when working with hospitals and healthcare providers to address infant morbidity and mortality.  We recognize that success in this area can only be achieved by a sustained, interactive and multidisciplinary approach….Read More

Pediatric Education

Issa Trust Foundation, in association with medical providers from Philadelphia and Jamaica created a pediatric education program. The objectives are to engage and serve pediatric medical providers through….Read More

Pediatric Medical Rotation Program

The Issa Trust Foundation works to serve the children of Jamaica and train local medical providers while providing opportunities for US-based medical professionals to experience a clinical care setting abroad and….Read More

Medical Missions

The Issa Trust Foundation has conducted annual medical missions since 2005, and has served thousands of children in the St. Mary and Westmoreland parishes. The organization plans to continue….

School Education

Education of our children is the key to a successful future. We know firsthand that the workforce of tomorrow must be equipped with the right tools for success today. That is why….Read More