Pediatric Nephrology Initiative

Pat Brophy and ChildThe Issa Trust Foundation’s Pediatric Nephrology Initiative Given the significant impact of kidney disease on childhood growth, and development as well as long term survival, the Issa Trust Foundation has partnered with local Pediatric Nephrology groups to design improvements in care standards for children with reversible acute kidney injury through improved availability of acute dialysis equipment And Those with chronic kidney and end stage kidney disease through; 1) improved local education of providers and parents 2) enhanced affiliation with the International society of Pediatric Nephrology and International Society of Nephrology 3) Increased availability to chronic dialysis equipment and trained professionals 4) Working with Jamaican’s (Jamaican Kidney Kids Foundation, LTD) for Jamaican Children to meet the needs of Professionals in improving care for kids with kidney diseases. While financial resources are necessary for our initiative, so too are human resources. Our goal is to provide the equipment, training and expertise to the medical professionals of Jamaica in order for them to meet the needs of all kids with kidney diseases. We believe that once the foundations are set, and the professional associations established, children in Jamaica will receive the care they need in their own parishes from their own medical providers. Update: The Issa Trust Foundation & Ministry of Health Deepens Relations Please email Dr. Pat Brophy, or Diane Pollard,, for more information if you are interested in donation of time, medicine, equipment or financial resources.