Pediatric Medical Rotation Program

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The Issa Trust Foundation works to serve the children of Jamaica and train local medical providers while providing opportunities for US-based medical professionals to experience a clinical care setting abroad and give freely of their time and expertise.  In July of 2010, we launched a new program, the first-ever pediatric medical rotation program in Jamaica, in partnership with Jamaica’s Northeast Regional Health Authority. This effort required a significant investment in materials and training.  The rotation will involve two pediatric doctors per month, 12 months out of the year.  Volunteers will provide direct care to and supervise the care approximately 20,000 children per year. This will require a five-year systematic, progressive effort in patient treatment, training of medical, administrative, and technical personnel.  At the end of the five years, we intend, in cooperation with Ministry of Health for the North East Region to review continued efforts.
During the project period, we will review technology needs with Ministry of Health for the North East Region health care officials and acquire through donation, purchase, and/or refurbishment, the technology needed to equip designated health care facilities. Volunteer US biomedical engineers will provide training in operation and maintenance of equipment. Issa Trust Foundation volunteers will work along with the clinic medical personnel and will be using their laboratory, imaging services and pharmacy. As resources and funding permits, and as requested by the Ministry of Health, we will expand this program island wide.
  We are so thankful to be a part of the Pediatric Medical Rotation Program through the Issa Trust Foundation. It was a great opportunity to experience a new culture and medical system. We would definitely recommend this trip to fellow residents. It gave us the opportunity to be more autonomous, to learn to be resilient with our resources, and rely more on our clinical skills, rather than blood work and x-rays. The accommodations are wonderful, we felt very safe and welcomed wherever we went. We would like to thank Diane and the Issa Trust Foundation for giving us an opportunity of a life time!
Stephanie Do, D.O. and Christopher Siracusa, MD. Pediatric Residents