School Education

Education of our children is the key to a successful future. We know firsthand that the workforce of tomorrow must be equipped with the right tools for success today. That is why marketable skills gained through effective education are a key objective for The Issa Trust Foundation. Every child and youth needs and deserves the intellectual development, motivation, personal, social-emotional, and cultural skills needed for successful work and lifelong learning in a diverse nation, as a result of having quality learning environments, challenging expectations, and consistent formal and informal guidance and mentoring.

Happy Hearts Early Childhood

Happy Hearts Early Childhood Institution is operated by Helen-Ann Clarke, Principal. The school first opened its doors in September of 2000 with 25 students. The present population is approximately110 students with 5 classes, ages 3 to 6 years old. The school has 8 teachers and 2 volunteers. They continue to maintain the Motto “Striving For Excellence.” They offer quality education and ensure their young minds are enriched to the fullest potential of each child. The school is located in Negril approximately 10 minutes away from Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away. The school caters to students between the ages of 3 – 6 years old. There are currently 8 teachers and 2 volunteers. They continue to maintain their Motto “Striving for Excellence” as they offer quality education and ensure the children’s young minds are enriched to their fullest potential. The school is situated within the town of Negril and is approximately a 10-minute drive from Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away. The children do look forward to interacting and learning!

Orcabessa Primary School

The Oracabessa Primary School is a government-owned school with 906 children ages 5 to 12 years old. The school is located on Wharf Road and is in close proximity to the James Bond Beach. The main buildings were built in 1947 with a nog structure and consist of board flooring. The additional buildings were built with physical plywood and concrete base. These buildings include administrative office, principal office, staff room, classrooms, resource room, library, computer lab, canteen, tuck-shop, Guidance Counsellors offices, bathrooms, music room/stage and a small restroom. As a result of the age of the buildings, they are now in disrepair. Despite the lack of proper buildings and insufficient space Oracabessa Primary continues to do well. For four (4) consecutive years the school has held the national title in Dance class 3 in the Jamaica Cultural Commission Development’s competitions. They also placed third in the 2016 Mathematics Olympiad put on by the University of the West Indies. The school has also been doing well in local sporting activities and has held the charge in academics in the Parish. Oracabessa Primary is the school of choice in the area because of its achievements.