what is a cold?

Almost every child has a “cold.” The symptoms are as follows: swollen eyes, fever, abdominal pain, and joint pain. Then you have to figure out what they have — the kid with pneumonia had the exact same chief complaint as everyone else (the difference being her respiratory rate of 44). The trick, wherever you are, is to figure out what your patient means and how to translate it into what you mean.(It took me the longest time to figure out that when my US patients say they’re “dehydrated,” they mean their mouth feels dry. Not dehydration as I understand it, any more than Jamaican kids have a cold as I understand it.) Moms are really on it. They have got the protocol on using oral rehydration solution when their kids have gastroenteritis. “DPH” seems to be quite a popular remedy for the ubiquitous cold. It took me a bit to figure out that this is diphenhydramine, aka Benadryl. Perhaps moms like it because it puts the kid to sleep while they get over whichever cold they have! On day two, I remembered to ask an important question — has your child had worm medication in the last 6 months?

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