What a day!

My last day at Port Maria is now finished…with a bang. As with most mornings, I sat on the wall of the little circle by the pathway leading to my villa until my driver arrived. As often is the case, I called around 8:10-8:15 to make sure someone is coming. We arrived shortly before 9 AM at Port Maria and I set out my supplies. I asked for more prescription paper and filled out a few in advance as Tuesdays tend to be busy. Patients began to trickle in, mostly referred from the nurse shortly thereafter then came in a flood by 11 AM — 37 of them! The number would have been 40, but 2 turned out to be adults and one disappeared before I got to her.

Once again, most of the dx for the day were tinea or URI. I also saw preauricular ear pits/neck pits in an infant — she is to see ENT in Bustamente, consider renal U/s as well. I also saw a few more such unusual cases. I had brought an apple, but never found time to eat it — I feel so sorry for those waiting. I finished up around 4 PM at which time my driver came to find me (usually I walk around the back to the administrative office to have someone arrange for a ride). Luckily, I had time (while I waited for him to drive to the gas station and return) for a few last photographs of the helpful office staff / nursing assistants and to say my good-byes to Dr. San San Win and a few other administrative staff. While this has definitely been my busiest site, I also felt very productive and helpful here!

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