Weird Rash – Any Thoughts?


4 month old male who was discharged from the ward 2 weeks prior for resolved bronchiolitis. On the day prior to discharge, he developed a rash on his left leg. They were told it was probably a reaction to one of the medications (he was on Azithro and Augmentin) and gave him some diphenhydramine which did not change. The rash then spread to other parts of his body like his other leg (and soles of feet), both arms, left shoulder, and abdomen. The rash was obviously pruritic, though he was otherwise comfortable and non-toxic. The rash appeared to be in clusters, though didn’t seem to follow a dermatome or other pattern that we could identify. The lesions were mixes of papules and vesicles vs pustules? Hard to really say what it was. Mom said it seemed to be spreading slowly over the past two weeks. Any thoughts???? We were between scabies and varicella, though we’re sold on either. Our plan was to treat for scabies and have her follow in a week, or sooner if it got worse.

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