Week 2: Twins, Referrals and Bun with cheese

Port Maria Hospital Started Monday with our first work day at Port Maria Hospital. All of the staff was friendly and helpful. Thank goodness for Dr. Hayden-Peart!!! After being at work for more than 24 hours, she gracefully gave us a tour of the facility and a detailed orientation. It ended up being the A&E day of “twins”. We saw and evaluated 3 sets of twins by the end of the day. On Tuesday, we stayed in the A&E department and saw an array of patients including diagnoses of bronchiolitis, allergic reaction, broken arms and a patient with a history of G6PD deficiency. We ended our work day observing the ortho techs in action. On our way home with Ms. Nadia (one of the health administrators), she gave a great overview of the Jamaican health system. She gave great insight on programs or policies that could be implemented to help all involved – health providers and patients.
Our last set of twins for the day. Photo consent given by parent.

Our last set of twins for the day. Photo consent given by parent.

“Ramos Rounds”: There were six patients on the ward this week. Two premature infants, one term newborn admitted for respiratory distress as well as children with status epilepticus, status asthmatics and bronchiolitis. We had an review discussion on atypical pneumonia, bronchiolitis and hyperbilirubinemia. Clinic was filled with some newborns, but mainly follow up patients for asthma and referrals. The A&E was filled with lots of injuries secondary to Sports Day (field day) or falls. Roxanne had the pleasure of placing sutures in the eyebrow of a very anxious and strong 6 year old girl…without any versed or EMLA cream or lidocaine in a very hot room. Thanks to Nicole and helpful mother she still has both eyes and symmetrical eyebrows.
successful sutures and smiles. Consent given by parent for photo.

successful sutures and smiles. Consent given by parent for photo.

Dr. Wilson (Annotto Bay A&E) was awesome as usual! He always stops whatever he is doing to assist us with questions, obtaining supplies or navigating the health system. By the way he is super patient with you trying to get an IV in a 2 week old newborn (practice means less tears).  After it all, we ended the week with lots of hugs. Themes of the week:
  • Everyone was eating, ordering or buying Bun and cheese – EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE – Happy Easter!
  • Nicole discovered her love for June Plum juice
  • Home addresses are more like directions (e.g. District, Parish. Blue and white house on the left after turning left at the Baptist church).
  • You can make a spacer for albuterol (Ventolin) inhaler by cutting the bottom out of a Styrofoam cup or small water bottle.
  • There is nothing better than a hug from patient.
  • When in doubt call the pharmacy.
  Until next week, Nicole & Roxanne

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