Volunteering at Edgehill School in Port Maria

This was my second time volunteering at the Edgehill School which is a program for special education students. There are about 40 students ranging in age from 6 years to 18 years. In March, 2012, I volunteered for 2 weeks at this school which is located in Port Maria. When I contacted the director to ask if I could again volunteer through the ISSA Trust Foundation, I found out that a flood had destroyed much of the school and they were temporarily being housed on the second floor of a church. I checked with the school’s director, Mrs. Lee, to see if there were specific things they needed. They requested heating tool, glass paints, and other kinds of paints. I bought and donated a suitcase of school and art supplies. When I came to the school, I was warmly greeted by the students and teachers. I prepared art and sign language lessons for the week for all the classes. Some of the lessons were soft pastel portraits, tempera paint pictures of sailboats, oil pastels on black paper, and several watercolor projects. The teachers and students seemed appreciative of my lessons and grateful for the supplies I left for them. The teachers are training the students to paint earrings, jewelry cases and other items which they can sell. It was another “feel good” week of being able to contribute to the wonder Jamaican children. I am grateful to the ISSA Trust Foundation Director, Diane Pollard, for again helping in setting up my driver to the Edgewood school and all the help given my husband, Richard, and me with our stay and volunteering efforts. Martha Pastcan

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