The Start of Week 2

So we had our last 2 days in Port Maria. Since it is 2 of us we usually split up with one going to A&E and one in the clinic. However, on Monday the medical records department are striking (this was a surprise to everyone working there) and so we both were asked to go to the clinic since they were short staffed in A&E.
We saw alot of rashes including a pityriasis and likely lichen striatus that David saw (he got the cool stuff).
Today, I went to A&E and David managed the peds clinic. I took some toys to the pedi ward and it was like water in a desert! Everyone including some staff wanted to grab toys for their children. All of the ‘play’ areas are devoid of toys or anything for the children to play with and I now can see how appreciative they are. I’m not sure how long those toys will actually last on the ward but at least I know temporarily they have something to play with.
Over the last few days i’ve picked up some lingo I figure I might share. When they say they are rattling in their stomach….stomach actually means chest and belly is stomach.
Today was the first I heard that a child had ‘short wind’ aka rapid respirations or shortness of breath.
Clinic was very busy today…I think there may have been about 30+ patients because David saw I guess around 23-25 and I picked up another 5-7 at the end when I got through with A&E.
Saw a few URIs, overfeeding, scabies, laceration on the face (felt absolutely awful while suturing this kids wound because the sutures available were 0 to 2.0 with HUGE needles!!), pharyngitis and overflow incontinence, more scabies, eczema, constipation, wheezing and asthma follow ups.
Off to Annotto Bay tomorrow.

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