The first few days

Hello all, Let me introduce myself (any my co-resident here, the man of few words and my fiancĂ©), my name is Rebecca and Bob is here with me at the lovely Tower Isle Resort in Ocho Rios Jamaica. We arrive here just over 2 days ago after a very uneventful trip down from St. Louis. I have traveled internationally several times in the past and usually the trip down lends itself to some stress and at least a good story or two, but this one was smooth sailing. We were immediately welcomed by the staff and have continued to feel welcome in the 50 some-odd hours that we have been here. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the water is hot so I am a happy camper. I must also mention the food. I am in hog heaven in terms of fresh fruit, seafood, and Jamaican cuisine. Now, more importantly, how did our first day on the job go? All things considered, I think it went well. It was more of a sink or swim situation as orientation was lacking (likely due to our starting mid week) and we had to learn the charting system on the wards on the fly. With that being said, once we figured out what was expected on the inpatient side we dove in as much as we could. I could not say more, however, for the quality of discussion and teaching Dr. Ramos provided on rounds. Bob and I felt right at home as his Socratic style reminded us of some of our favorite mentors back home. The most challenging part of the day was when we ventured down to the Accident and Emergency department to help with Pediatric patients. If we thought getting shown the ropes was limited on the wards, we were sorely mistaken. Placed in a room with two examining spaces and no knowledge of the work flow or charting we got work. Fortunately for us newbies, it was a slower afternoon and the patient load was light, so we were able to figure out how to provided care and not feel like buffoons. When the day was all said and done I must say I again felt very welcomed and appreciated. I was humbled by feeling like a first grader on the first day of school. Most importantly, however, I feel excited about tomorrow. Now off to go eat some BBQ Duck… – Rebecca

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