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Great week so far. first day at each site a bit rough. Have to get in the swing of things, but then things roll. In Anotto Bay, hospital moderately larger than in Port Maria. Busy ward, interesting too. Multiple kids in ward like setting. Babies in with bigger kids, Dr. Ramos is very sharp as consulting attending, pushes general docs to consider all variables in diagnosis and management. Obviously very invested in the welfare of the children. today, second day seeing many newborns and up to 1-2 month old well babies, general pediatric care and beautiful children (and Mom’s). Very kind and gentle souls. Get to see them quickly though as there are many newborns. then on to the A and E (accidents and emergencies)area. today none to see so left a touch early. Gets pretty toasty in room with no AC and only open windows. But families happy to get care. Looking forward to seeing last site tomorrow. I am enjoying hanging out in the pool after work. Also even found time to work out before our ride arrives in AM.
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