starting week 2

So work was cut short last week due to tropical storm Tomas. Roads flood easily here and with the heavy rains I was stuck at the resort (sounds awful doesn’t it).
I had a wonderful weekend: played pool volleyball, cricket, almost finished my book.
Today my day started out wonderfully because I learned they have peanut butter here!! I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to pack for lunch.
Arrived at the clinic, which was packed with kids waiting to be seen. I saw 15 kids again today. Diagnoses included: scabies, tinea, tinea, tinea, scabies, strep, virus, virus, virus.
I asked the ladies in the clinic what they needed and their response: a scale for infants and a bassinet to put infants in if the mom has to leave the room (I think they are called Moses baskets at Babies R Us).
Interesting Jamaica facts: all kids start school at the age of 3yrs.
They write the date starting with the day then month then year. This messed up all of my medical records the first day because I couldn’t get the birthdates right.
Packing tips: you may be here by yourself so spray on sunscreen is a must and check your clothes before you leave- no sense in a dress that you can’t button up by yourself.

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