Pediatric Rotation Week 2

There is plenty of variety this week-gingivostomatitis, possible appy, scabies, and a nursemaid’s elbow. I was able to call an Orthopedist on his cell for a consult and follow up with a few patients from previous visits. For the possible appy, I made sure I had an updated contact number to follow the patient’s symptoms, arranged follow up, and provided  a surgery consult referral in case her symptoms worsened. There’s a better workflow between the nurses and myself now that we’re familiar with each other’s expectations and I certainly pitch in and vitalize my patients when triage gets backed up. I also feel more at ease with documentation, accessing records, ordering films, and selecting appropriate referral centers.   Unfortunately, this was a short week for me due to a viral illness (flu season), but I’m feeling much better now and ready to get back to work.

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