Nearing the end

Today will be one of my less cheerful, slightly frustrated blogs. The reason is that today I felt like a burden. I must preface this with saying that one of the things I am very much looking forward to going back to is the ability to get in my car and go where I want on my own timetable and power. With that background, I felt very strongly like we were a thorn in people’s side today as our driver was late to pick us up, and then there did not seem to be a place for me to work today. I started my day like usual when I work in the A&E, but due to space constraints I was moved to another part of the hospital. Moving around does not bother me in the least as I would work out of a corner if I had to, but I felt like my presence was more of a nuisance than a benefit today. I want my work here to be a positive experience for my patients and for the people I work alongside. I know wishing that was the case every moment sounds very idealistic, but what else am I doing here if not to foster relationships and learn. I do not want to be an annoyance or any kind of bother and feeling even remotely like that has given me a definite case of the Mondays. On a more positive note (because I can never stay gloomy for long), we had a great time at the ISSA/CHUKKA Trust polo match. When Diane told me of the event, I had to chuckle because we started having a similar affair back in St. Louis. Starting last year we have an annual “Glennon Gallop” to benefit our primary care clinic at Cardinal Glennon. The patient population there is mainly Medicaid and reimbursement is not great, so fund-raising can benefit the clinic and patient population a great deal. The overall feel and goals were the same at both events, so experiencing this Jamaican version was a great treat. We also got to spend some time with one of the doctors from Annotto Bay outside of the hospital and that was a delight as well. That leads me to my overwhelming favorite part of this entire experience- the people. I have found Jamaica as a whole to be a friendly and welcoming place that has embraced our visit. We are often asked if this is our first time to Jamaica and then warmly welcomed. This question has come from resort staff, MOH drivers, other health care workers, and even the patients. There is a pride here that permeates much of the culture and it is truly special. We have also met some very interesting travelers along the way from many parts of the states and the world. I hope someday to be able to come back so I am not a neophyte, but a true Jamaica-phile. Please pardon my grumpy mood earlier. As it often is, writing was cathartic.

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