Last days in April

So I have somewhat of a potpourri of things to write so I will probably break it down into 2 blogs…one patient related and one not so much.
As I looked back on my month I have been super blessed for this opportunity. I thank Diane and the trust for it.
Things might be helpful for the next group:
1.PLEASE MAKE sure you walk with toilet paper and something to dry your hands. Some of the bathrooms are equipped with toilet paper, most dont have anything to dry your hands.
2. If you are a light sleeper walk with ear plugs….if you are not use to the island sleeping there are crickets and frogs that chirp all night (for most you just drown it out). Also, if you are in the inside room its a little closer to the road so you may hear an 18 wheeler trucking by once in a while (none of these are problems if you arent too light of a sleeper)
3. If you are in the clinic and you want to admit a child you refer them to A&E (ED) department!
4. There are 2 types of referral forms…an interfacility referral white form (form B) and a triplicate copied referral BOOK for outside referrals (i.e all pediatric specialists, most of which will be in Kingston at Bustamante Children’s ; this is referral form A)
5. You can get laundry at the resort done without cost ( I washed many small items in my room
and then big things with the resort)
6. Get familiar with the drugs and their concentrations..Qvar inhaled spray I think is 100mcg, I had never used chloramphenicol eye or ear drops and it was not found in any epocrates so I had no idea the dosage initially. Same goes for their analgesics. DPH cough medicine IS diphenydramine as well as a plain DPH is benadryl then there is DPH cold that would have an expectorant in addition to benadryl. It is widely used for colds from birth onward.
7. Pediatrics is anything under 13 yrs old. All the children older than that stay on the adult floors/wards.
8. Vitals arent very common at Port Maria. They do a good job at Annotto bay but you only get a weight at Port Maria.
9. If possible do tours outside of the resort. IF you are adventurous the zip line and boblsed ride is fun. There is a blue mountain bicycle tour as well as some rafting tours. I enjoyed Dunn’s River falls.
Hope this is helpful

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