Happy birthday to me!

Newborn clinic at Annotto Bay is no joke.  There were definitely a LOT of patients to be seen today. It still amazes me how these mothers wait for hours before being seen, some of them essentially spending the whole day! Anyway, between newborn clinic and the A&E, I barely made it back to the resort in time for my birthday dinner reservation at Eight Rivers (one of the fancier restaurants here). I was so tired I was almost tempted to just skip dinner and go to bed. But you only get a birthday once a year after all, so I went.  And it was absolutely delicious.  I even got my own little personalized dessert with my name on it and a bunch of staff members singing me happy birthday!!  Hurray!! I will say that one of the oddest things so far has been the experience of being here alone. It is probably one of the few things I would change about the rotation.  Everything at Couples is designed for … well either two people, or multiples of two.  I would definitely recommend volunteering with a buddy, or ensuring somehow that there are two people working the month you are here.  Having someone to talk to definitely beats reading a book to keep oneself occupied during dinner. But on the plus side, I get to read a book for fun, which I haven’t been able to do for a while, and either way, it continues to be a great experience.  🙂 RH

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