first day

so today was our first day at port maria!! until now we have been enjoying the luxurious resort with beautiful pools, beacches and fun activities, and of course the yummy food. today it was time to start working!
we arrived at port maria this morning, to see a line of patients waiting for us. my colleague went to the clinic and was immediately very busy seeing patients. I was stationed in the hospital, and only saw 1 patient in 2 hours. Then I asked to help out the clinic which was very busy, and then i got buisy. I saw a variety of patients ranging from gastroenteritis, constipation, rashes, and an abscess s/p dog bite. this hospital was very small and resources limited, but we did our best. took a little detective work to find the right people and supplies, but te other doctors and nurses were very helpful and friendly. it was good to start doing what i came here to do. funny to be in a country where we are “specialists.” parents seemed so grateful to have seen a pediatrician.

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