Farewell Jamaica….


Our last full week in Jamaica was fabulous.  I feel so lucky to have had this experience.  The Issa trust foundation and the Jamaican children have a huge piece of my heart!! Monday and Tuesday we were back at Port Maria with me in the A&E and D in the clinic.   We both had two of our busiest days, multi-tasking and seeing as many patients as possible.  It felt just like being at home.  D saw 20 patients in less than 6 hours and I admitted 3 children out of the A&E.  This opportunity is a wonderful learning experience.  With limited resources it sometimes feels like you our working without all of the information but you really learn to trust your gut– sick vs not sick.  Often labs can’t come back for hours and you have to really work on communicating your concerns with patients and other providers.  The same is true at home but sometimes it feels magnified here!!  On Tuesday I had to start an IV and draw labs on a dehydrated 4 year old with gastroenteritis!  I love procedures but this helped make me even more grateful for all of our nurses at home!!  I also admitted a 9 month old with a fever and very complicated rash.  The rash was diffuse, non puritic and was seen on his palms and soles.  Some of the providers in the A&E thought it was varicella but as it was non puritic my money was on coxsachie virus and a possible superimposed bacterial infection!  I admitted him for observation to ensure the rash didn’t worsen.  I am very interested to see how things progress!!

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We took advantage of a free afternoon on Wednesday and went zip lining in the Chukka Rain forest!!  It was amazing and a must for anyone in Ocho Rios.  The natural beauty in the rain forest is breath taking and zip lining is one of the funnest activities I have done in Jamaica.

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We were back in Annotto Bay on Thursday for well baby clinic and D and I saw many babies.  From diagnosing murmurs and learning how to obtain echos to educating families about scabies, umbilical hernias and supranumerary digits, it  was a busy day!!  I want to take a moment to think D’s sister and brother in law for their generosity.  They came to visit last week and wanted to help the Jamaican children as well so they donated 50 bulb syringes for us to give out.  All the mother’s who received them were so excited and grateful!  It’s kind of crazy to think about all the things that we take for granted at home!!! photo (1) I know the last few days of this trip will continue to be eye opening!  Thank you Issa Trust for the opportunity to experience this amazingly beautiful country and take care of these adorable children in a place where the medical need is so great!!  I am so excited to go home, but I know I will feel Jamaica pulling on my heart!! S&D


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