end of week 2

Friday, Port Antonio
Today was our first day in Port Antonio as we were unable to go last week due to lack of transportation.
Very interesting day.
In the morning , we met with the director of the hospital, Dr. Davis who gave us an overview of the hospital. It was very helpful and informative.
Then we went to the pediatric ward and rounded on the patients there with an intern. There were some sick children there. For example, there was a patient with sickle cell disease, fever, and acute chest. We suggested obtaining some bloodwork, a chest xray, giving oxygen, and maximizing pain control. There was 1 week old baby brought in for lethargy who had severe electrolyte abnormalities, metabolic acidosis and elevated direct bilirubin We asked to repeat the blood work, and if it was still abnormal recommended transfer to Annotto Bay where the pediatricians could oversee the care of this child.
In the afternoon, we went to the pediatric clinic. As pediatricians are consultants, many of these cases were not so straight-forward and required some time and thought. I saw a child with nephritic syndrome, a girl with intermittent fevers x 5 months, a girl who had a lethargic episode 2 weeks prior among other cases.
I felt very useful at Port Antonio, which was a great feeling. Kind of nice to be in a place where pediatricians are so needed. Our driver that day was amazing, so kind to us. She totally went out of her way for us (Port Antonio is almost 2h away), and ensured we met with Dr. Davis.

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