days 2 and 3

so yesterday we went to Annotto Bay, a level B hospital, more advanced to Porta Maira. The pediatric Ward was very interesting, It was a NICU, well baby nusrery, and pediatrics ward in one large room. The residents were very welcoming and oriented us to t he facility. We saw the aptients in the Ward and then we got to sit in on the rounds with Dr. Ramos, Dr. Ramos is an amazing teacher. The residents were a mixture of general doctors and pediatric residents.

Today we went back to Annotto Bay and worked in the clinic which was very busy. I saw a variety of cases ranging from pulmonary stenosis with CHF to worms, to lots of well baby newborn exams. Patients were very patient and appreciative. Children adorable!!

the food at the resort is absolutely phenomenal!! fell like i’m eating iron chef food every night!!

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