Day 1

My trip went smoothly. I checked bags for the first time ever and they made it without any problems. One bag did get searched and I don’t know how the lady got it all back in without sitting on it but she did. My flight went from Memphis to Miami then to Montego Bay. I had a 3 hour layover, which was extended a bit. Luckily I was not one of the unhappy travelers whose flight had been cancelled earlier in the day (hence my short delay because they had to find us a bigger plane to put all of the morning people on too).
When we touched down in Jamaica everyone had to go through customs. This process went smoothly as well. After claiming your luggage you head to the resort’s lounge. It is decorated in bright colors. They offer water or Red Stripe while you wait for the rest of the guests. Then you all board a bus and head to the resort. It was about an hour and a half ride. The driver made it fun though by telling us all about Jamaican foods, words, customs, etc.
I arrived at my room around midnight. It has a courtyard in the front with lounge chairs and a table. You walk in to a large living room. There is also a kitchen area, dining area, and office space. As well as 2 bedrooms each with their own bath. One bedroom door was open but the other had a Do Not Disturb sign on it so I didn’t go in there until this am. I bet the sign was there so the cleaning ladies didn’t bother with that room if only one person was here last month too.
I got up today, had breakfast (the french toast is awesome) and then did the resort orientation with Brenton. He is one of the Entertainment Specialists. This was a helpful 30-45 minutes that I recommend. I rented a book from the library (Wicked) and did some sun bathing. I wish I could bottle up the ocean breeze! Rafael led an awesome aerobics class and then I somehow got sucked into the spinning class that followed. Paula led that. She was fun and helped all of us first timers.
Tonight there is a meet the managers beach party and then a steel drum band playing. I might take my laptop and Skype Doug (my husband) into that! He loves that type of music.
Tomorrow is my first day of work. I have my fanny pack all packed and ready (yes I really do and yes I know I’m a dork). I’ll have breakfast at 7:30 and then get picked up at 8am to start my adventure.

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