Day 1 at Porto Maria for Stephanie and Chris

Greetings from Jamaica! Let’s start with introducing ourselves. We are Chris and Stephanie, 3rd
year pediatric residents from Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, OH. We are so excited to be starting our time
with Issa Trust Foundation, and sharing our experiences with the readers of
this blog. Before we get into the clinical
aspects of our trip, let’s first touch on the AMAZING accommodations at Couples
Tower Isle. The staff here, along with
Diane Pollard, have truly made us feel welcome and have made this a relatively
seamless start to our month.
was our first day at Porto Maria Medical Center. The center is very busy, having inpatient
wards (adult, maternity, and pediatrics), a busy A&E (Accident and
Emergency Room), a busy walk-in health clinic, and a pharmacy. We were warmly greeted by the staff, nurses,
and other physicians there and quickly got to work. We split up right away, with Chris working in
the Outpatient Clinic and Stephanie in the A&E.
At the outpatient clinic, I (Chris)
saw a lot of general pediatrics issues. Main problems I encountered were Tinea
Capitis, other various rashes, URI’s, and GI worms. After only a few patients, my training kicked in and I started to feel more comfortable with the system. Right now my biggest obstacle is learning
what resources are and are not available.
It’s all well and good that I know what the problem is and how to treat
it, though if the pharmacy doesn’t have the treatment I order , then what good
am I doing. As I get more familiar with
our resources, I feel that my nerves will be more settled. Thankfully the staff is very welcoming and
patient, and is very open to questions.
(Thanks to Dr. Hines for the dose of Albendazole – Stephanie had the
formulary in A&E!)
In the A&E, I (Stephanie) was
sent the less acute patients, the ones who did not require nebulized treatments
or IV fluids. As I sat there waiting for
the first patient to arrive, I felt the nerves building up. The first patient had complaints of a
possible seizure, which I am normally comfortable with, but found myself having
a difficult time since I did not what resources were available for testing or
work up. After I had a few patients come in with URI
and asthma complaints I started to get the hang of things and felt more
comfortable. Dr. Facey in the A&E was a great resource
to me, especially when I wasn’t sure what to do with Ventolin Elixir or xray
turn around time. Deworming was a big
complaint which I fully embraced and prescribed mebendazole. The parents seem open to education,
especially on asthma. I even filled out
an asthma action plan (which would make Chris, our future pulmonologist,
Our first day is over, we are
feeling less nervous, but still getting comfortable with the resources. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the
week brings. We will be blogging again
soon! Ya mon!

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