complex and simple

As a family physician with mostly outpatient pediatric experience, I found the first patient of the day a little daunting — a 4 year old with congestive heart failure due to rheumatic heart disease, AND sickle cell disease. Where I live this kid would inhabit multiple subspecialty clinics at a university hospital. However, she looked great after her Lasix adjustment and was ready for discharge. A referral from the local health center of a kid with a fever and rash later in the day reminded me that outpatient experience counts for a lot. A sandpapery rash….and a red throat to go with it. I’ve seen enough scarlet fever over the years to recognize it immediately. And I’d had a reminder just this morning of how important it is to treat strep! I’m celebrating my birthday today….let’s see, with a sunset from my balcony, a stroll on the beach, and dinner with an ocean view. Guess I’m celebrating my birthday month! because I get to do that every day in July.    

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