Beginning of the End

Today I realized that I only have one of each day of the week left to spend here. It has certainly gone by quickly. Each site has its own rhythm and I have learnt to have a different set of expectations based on the day of the week.  From the relatively steady pace of Mondays, one moves immediately to the barely controlled chaos of Tuesday vaccination day at Port Maria. Then Wednesday mornings come with their share of “thinking time” where we are afforded the luxury of engaging in academic speak and differential diagnoses.  Alternating Thursdays could be a seemingly unending line of newborns or a steady pace of old timers – ex premies, patients with asthma, sickle cell, epilepsy, the works. Depending on whether or not the charts are available for those chronic patients, you may have an easy time figuring out why they are there or be dependent on a mother (or random accompanying adult) who may very well give you a blank stare when asked why the child is there. Friday is never a bad day, because it means familiar places and faces, and only then am I truly home in every sense of the word. I have become quite accustomed to the undulating rhythm of my weeks here. But this week will be different.  It will be a week of good byes. A week of saying thanks to the many wonderful people at each site that I have met and come to know.  My first goodbye will be to the blog as I look forward to savoring my last few days in my sweet island home. I must begin to pick up the ends of my New York life that have been flapping merrily in the Caribbean sea breeze for the last 3 weeks. I must slowly begin to return to reality. Its been real, Jamaica. You never, ever, ever disappoint. Bless up. Much love. RH

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