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Here is a quick recap of my last week.
Monday I worked at Port Maria for my last day. I saw 27 patients. I delivered the last batch of donated medical supplies that I brought (I had collected supplies for 4 months and filled my 2 checked luggage bags with them).
Tuesday I went shopping in the local market and then packed everything up. It didn’t feel like a whole month had passed already. One of the nurse’s house had caught on fire over the weekend. I left some of my clothes and travel sized toiletries for her. I ran into the general manager at Couples and told him about her. He took her name and number to send her some stuff too. I also had to say my goodbyes 🙁 I had made some good friends at the resort (some employees and some guests).
Wednesday was travel day. My flight took off at 7:55am but since it is an international flight and the airport is in a different city my taxi left the resort at 3:15, yes that is 3:15AM. When I got to the airport it was completely empty! Nobody inside, not even an employee yet. It opened about 15 minutes later. I flew from Montego Bay to Miami then home to Memphis. I was greeted by my hubby who then took me out to lunch but then had to go back to work. I didn’t mind though because I needed a nap.
Thursday I got to make my return to my residency as a speaker at our noon conference (not about Jamaica but that one will come). This weekend our hospital is making a huge move into a brand new building.

Overall my impressions: This rotation is great because it teaches you to feel confident in your physical exam (xrays and labs are not readily available), it gives you an opportunity to spread up to date information, it helps you appreciate what you have. The accommodations are awesome. The resort is so fun and the people there are happy and full of energy.
With all of the great things you should also know that not everyone would enjoy this rotation. You have to be comfortable treating without someone constantly over you. There is someone available if you run into a situation you are not comfortable with but most of the time you are on your own. You are the one making decisions. Also you have to be somewhat laid back. I’m a planner and organizer (of my time not my stuff) therefore I had a few frustrating moments mostly revolving around transportation.
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