almost done with week 2

I’ve been slacking on my posts!
So I worked Monday and Tuesday in the clinic in Port Maria. Monday 15 patients. Tuesday 22 patients. Most common diagnoses: fungal infections and colds. I did send someone for labs and asked them to come back next week so we will see how this process goes (will the results make it into the chart? will the mom come back?). She was about 18 months old and had fallen pretty drastically off of the growth chart.
Wednesday I went to Annotto Bay and rounded on the inpatients. Attended another Csection delivery. This one was only 32 weeks gestation so I was nervous but he did great. Oh I needed to give Thao an update- I saw one of the triplets, baby #3. He was admitted but for just a bad cold. He is doing good! Today I went back to Annotto and worked in an outpatient clinic. Mostly hospital follow ups. I had a long conversation with one of the other Peds doctors. He takes call overnight at the hospital 3-4 nights a week. It is just him and another doctor to split up the days. This is because of the shortage of doctors (one took a few months maternity leave and I forget why another had to take some time off).
Fun Jamaican stuff- they use a lot of concrete when they build here (houses, fences, etc).
The vast majority of women breastfeed here, which is wonderful. It is normal to breastfeed in public and for children to still be breastfeeding at older ages than in the US.
There is a college in Kingston which services a large area. You go there for almost any degree you want but they will charge you differently based on your intended degree.
Animals I see daily- lots of stray dogs, goats, and chickens.
Kids don’t have to be in carseats but you will get a ticket if someone under 12 years old is in the front seat.
They do not observe daylight savings time so I was on Central time when I first got here and now I’m on Eastern time.

Ok so tomorrow I head to Port Antonio. It is in a different parish (like a state here) so a new driver will pick me up. Called today to confirm this so tomorrow should be smooth (fingers crossed). I didn’t go last week because of the storm and it is pretty far away.

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