A Mother’s Gratitude

As schools in Jamaica closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, forcing education to go online, many students found themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to continue their studies due to the unavailability of the necessary devices. One such child was 8-year-old Trey, whose mother, Jovasha Hall, is a Bartender at Couples Negril. Trey could only share his father’s phone when he was not at work, causing him to have to almost completely abandon his schoolwork. Thanks to the “Couples Cares” tablet drive, supported by so many of our generous guests, the Issa Trust Foundation was able to donate a Samsung Tablet to Trey to assist him with the continuation of his online classes. His devoted mother, who is also an exemplary team member, expressed her gratitude for the donation and for the role of teachers, who she feels deserve a lot more credit. “The teachers deserve a gold medal. In pre-Pandemic times, kids were off to school and we as parents had no full understanding of the work entailed in their education.” Jovasha even finds herself monitoring his schoolwork during her lunch breaks at work from her phone. Thanks to all those who donated and a special thank you to all the hands-on parents like Jovasha who are ensuring that our children are able to continue their education during these difficult times.

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