Now that I’ve finally been here greater than a week, I feel I have more to contribute. I think this is an excellent rotation. Diane clearly cares for this work,for the country, for the patients, and to ensure this is a valuable rotation for the visiting pediatricians. There is a great deal of autonomy coupled with adequate local clinical personnel to answer questions. The medical officers are not trained in pediatrics, but most have significant experience working in this environment and are more than happy to assist/ answer questions. Having Dr. Ramos, the senior pediatrician, around greatly helps to bounce ideas off. The clinics themselves are quite busy, speaking to the need for pediatricians in this region. The medical officers are quite adept at caring for the basics of urgent care pediatrics along with well-child visits; however, they are uncomfortable with pathology or deviation from normal, making our role more appreciated. They are also quite eager to learn, so bring any presentations you may done! The living accommodations are superb. Everyone at the resort is friendly, knows us as the “Issa doctors” and goes out of their way to make us feel welcome. I am writing this as I sit along the beach listening to the waves, preparing to have dinner in the fancy Asian restaurant along the water. Can’t beat that!    

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