Hello to all from Jamaica!

Katie and I have been in the country for a little over a week and are absolutely loving it.  As you can expect it takes a little time to get acclimated to the way things are done here.  For those coming from a large university with an electronic medical record, all of the paper work comes as a little bit of a shock.  We have found that the handwriting of those that have come before us isn’t always the best.  We try to keep our notes suscinct but legible in order to help those that come after us better treat the patients.  The people are the most appreciative and patient you will ever meet.  They line up early and wait patiently to be seen, although, in those cases where only reassurance is needed, they feel better if they have a script for something in hand.  At Port Maria and Port Antonio most of our work centers in the Accident and Emergency Department.  The days go by quickly and the work is fulfilling.  The great part about the end of the day is the adventurous ride home and the great food that awaits us at the resort!

Drew & Katie

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