2014 Medical Initiative

image   As I sit in the doorway of Couples Tower Isle, the wind blowing through my hair and the sound of the waves hitting the shore, I sit and reflect on my time here. I have been blessed beyond words to be able to be a part of the Issa Trust Foundation. 2014 was my 4th medical initiative and words cannot describe the utmost joy this 2 week trip brings to my life. Each year people ask me to describe the trip. One cannot describe this trip until you have lived it for yourself. I dont really have that one “ah ha” moment that I can talk about because each trip, each day becomes a memory etched in my heart. Each smile, each hug, the graciousness of the Jamaican people, and the feeling of the kind human spirit that flows through all humans no matter where our “home” is. That is what I leave here with the feeling that every mother, father aunt, uncle, and grandparent wants their child to be healthy and loved. Over the time I have spent here, I can see a substantial difference in the overall health of the Jamaican children. I remember that after I drew a hemoglobin level on a teenage girl, the level was low. I told her to eat more calaloo. I was able to draw her hemoglobin again this year, her number was substantially higher. She says to me “I remember you, and I listened to you. I have been eating my calaloo. I dont like it, but I am eating it.” Not only is the community of Jamaica so warm and friendly, but the staff at Couples Tower Isle make you feel like you are family. Each day, each person greets you with a warm smile. After a while, they all begin to call you by name. I was walking out to the boat dock, I heard “nurse, nurse!” I looked over and a employee at the watersports area says, “Welcome home, nurse!” Yes thank you my friend, I am home. So I am thankful for my time spent here. I am looking forward to more smiles, more hugs, more “welcome homes” and most of all looking forward to making more children healthier. Because one must never forget, these children our the future and we must always take care of them. So if you have the time or money please help the Issa Trust Foundation in their goal of helping the children of Jamaica become healthier. You will be rewarded in ways you never knew. I tell my friends and family back home that I go to Jamaica to help others, but every time I come back, it is I, indeed who has been helped. Kerri Cook, RN

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