2 weeks completed for Issa

enjoying the time here. lots of work, averaging 20 patients a day in each of the different settings. Port Maria is the most consistent, seeing a mixture of typical office based issues from URI’s to constipation, last week however there was an outbreak of impetigo and saw multiple kids with identical histories. Doled out a lot of Augmentin and Mupirocin as Cephalexin is unavailable. Annotto Bay has been the hardest to get to, transportation issues a constant so one needs to learn to relax and get there when you get there. You can enjoy breakfast and ask front desk to call you when driver arrives. makes the wait better. Port Antonio has been great fun, stay mostly in A and E, see lots of kids and staff very grateful for the help. this week had a child with pneumonia and another with both bone forearm fracture that was 3 days old. Tough kid, parents just happy to have child evaluated. Did see a Mom with elephantiasis, had had illness for thirteen years. otherwise mostly typical illnesses seen in US with emphasis on derm here. Would recommend a few things on your visits to hospitals. would suggest hand sanitizer and if you want to wash your hands, bring your own soap and paper towels. should probably carry tissues as well. I happened to bring stickers for the kids, a big hit. They are definitely big sponge Bob fans, girls have liked the princesses. People do not complain about waiting and are thrilled to have Pediatric input. You do need to feel comfortable working independently, but people will try to help if you have questions. Looking forward to next week and some new experiences. AT

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