Reasons to celebrate

It’s been an exciting week here in Jamaica — both in clinics and at the resort. We returned to Annotto Bay Tuesday to round with the residents again which was one of the highlights of the week. I was able to see one of the same patients that I took care of last week which provided for some unexpected but welcome continuity. He is a 5 month old with failure to thrive thought to be secondary to congenital heart disease. The team was able to obtain an echo which was reportedly normal; however, the it lacked several key pieces of information. Cost and the availability of echo techs and cardiologists (much less pediatric echo techs and pediatric cardiologists) eliminate the option to repeat the study.  As is the case with much of the medicine we practice here, decisions must be made based more on clinical outcomes that lab results, imaging and other studies. He has been doing quite well on diuretic therapy and having failed a trial without it, he will continue to be treated as a patient with a cardiac anomaly despite his normal echo report.  Add proper nutrition to the mix and he looks like a new (little) man. Last weekend, the Couples Tower Isle celebrated it’s 36th anniversary. There was a celebration Saturday night which, despite the rain, was fantastic. Many new and old employees and guests were in attendance. Alison and I were able to help with some of the decorations. We were quite impressed with ourselves and our abilities to string lights flowered centerpieces. After admiring some of the other decorations Saturday night, I’m pretty sure they gave us the easy jobs.  And I’m convinced that some of our work was later revised…we’ll keep our day jobs for now.

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