Issa Trust Foundation Quarterly Newsletter December 2013

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Welcome to the first quarterly newsletter of the Issa Trust Foundation (ITF). In this and future editions, we’ll share volunteer opportunities and updates as we continue to help Jamaican children through expanding pediatric and educational programs. We invite your suggestions at any time. 

Positive Effects

Issa has donated more than a million dollars in critical medical equipment and offered free health-care treatments to thousands of deserving children. Here are just a few of our 2013 accomplishments: 


1.Established the first Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease Workshop and Outreach, which trained 220 medical providers throughout Jamaica. (Special thanks to Dr. Miller with Jamaica Kidney Kids, Dr. Patrick Brophy of University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, and the International Pediatric Nephrology Association.)    
2.Partnered with Connexin Software, Inc., a pediatric electronic health record system, to create database of medical information for the children we serve. This data has helped us define specific needs and overall healthcare initiatives as outlined by the Ministry of Health.             
3.Donated much-needed surgical lights, dialysis machines, x-ray machine, and other equipment to hospitals and clinics.     
4.Completed pediatric nursing ventilator training for 100 nurses and doctors at St. Ann’s Bay Hospital.      
5.Established a pediatric rotation program that provides two additional doctors each month in Jamaica. 


A Week of Smiles


Nearly 38 volunteers–including 23 pediatric medical personnel–brought free health care and hope to grateful Jamaican families during Issa’s ninth annual medical initiative. In just five days, the team saw 896 children, filled 1,254 prescriptions from their own pharmacy, provided free eye exams, and gave fluoride varnish treatments. 


Click the video below to learn more. 



2013 Issa Trust Foundation Mission Trip
2013  Medical Initiative 


Volunteers and partners
The Heart of Our Foundation
Lions Logo

Dr. Gary Anderson
Dr. Gary Anderson
Newest Members of the Medical Mission: Dr. Gary & Cheryl Anderson 
 Dr. Dennis & Kathleen Cobler




We are excited that the
Michigan Lions joined us this year. 
The optometrists screened each child to determine prescription lens needs and to check for potential diseases, including glaucoma.

This year we were able to give prescription glasses to 83 children!!



Lions at work find the right prescription to match the patient

Every donation to the Issa Trust Foundation brings real-life miracles by funding equipment, medical care, and educational programs that save and improve thousands of children’s lives each year.

 Please donate now.


Give-and Receive
We’re continually humbled and grateful for the high level of passion and expertise generously shared by our volunteers. And we’re inspired by our volunteers’ stories. Click here to read about pharmacy student Kelsey Bayliss’ life-changing experience serving in Jamaica. And thank you for all that you do to help children reach their full potential! 



Volunteers Making A Difference and Having Fun!!  You Can Too!! 
Chris Mentz, RN Happy Times 
Dr. Flores - Asthma Education so important 
Students Helping Students 
Michelle Gordon, Online Social Media Coordinator Couples Resorts
A Gift of Literacy


Issa’s efforts to improve educational resources for Jamaican children included a recent donation of 10,000 books,toys, and school supplies to schools, hospitals, boys’ homes and soup kitchens. One thousand books were given to a school serving students with just 61% literacy rate. Click below to see a special video. 


Partnering for Kids


Most people think of Jamaica as the photo-perfect getaway, but there’s more to the picture. Despite a stunning landscape and beautiful people, the country has limited resources for health care, a particularly challenging situation for its children.


In 2000, the United Nations requested an international initiative to share in the responsibility for child survival and set bold goals for reducing child mortality rates by 2015. Jamaica is struggling to meet those goals, and Issa is honored that the Jamaican Ministry of Health has asked us to partner with them to aggressively improve the country’s child health care.


Thank you for your support of the Issa Trust Foundation! 

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