Jack’s River Primary School

Jacks River Primary School

Perseverance is the Key To Success

Jacks River Primary School is a grade 1 school located in the community of Jacks River, in the Parish of St. Mary. It is situated two miles North of Oracabessa and seven miles west of Port Maria, the capital of St. Mary. Our student population averages 176 students spanning Grades 1 through 6.

The school promotes resilience and perseverance in our students by instilling the pride embodied in the words echoed by our motto, “Perseverance is the Key To Success.” We take pride in educating the whole student. As such, we take students who were not marked for success, and transitioning them onto the path to academic success. On our limited budget, we creatively expose our students to the arts, sports, chess, agriculture, civic duties and responsibilities as well as academics. Our students have persevered educational and learning challenges to become chess champions, national athletes, globally conscious citizens and academic achievers. We boast the best Parents’ Space in our Zone and we are second to none in championing the cause of students’ welfare.

The school was founded in the early twenties (1920s) and was housed at the Jacks River Baptist Church until 1970. The Ministry of Education purchased a piece of land on the Fontabelle Plantation and erected a new building to house the school. The new community school building was opened in 1972. The community that supports the Jacks River Primary is comprised mainly of former employees of the now defunct Walters Plantain, and Banana Plantation. The closure of the plantation severely impacted the economics of the community, and school attendance as a result Of the 174 students admitted to Jacks River Primary School, 124 students are currently government subsidized by the PATH programme.

Our school’s challenges however, are no match for our experienced and able teaching staff who maintain the vision of making sure that every child learns, because every child can learn. In the process, we continue to rise to the challenges of educating some of the nation’s neediest students, by affirming the latent potential that each child possesses. With increased and continued support, we look to chart the school, the students and the community into new directions and on new courses, that will see our students, parents and community members achieve sustainable progress in general and more specifically, in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

Free Hill Primary School

New Computer Resource Room Opens — Built and Furnished by Issa Trust Foundation
“Principal of Free Hill Primary and Infant School, Martin Murphy said the establishment of a Resource Room at his school represents a new day for students and teachers at the rural St Mary-based institution. Mr Murphy is hoping that the resource room which was opened at the school last Tuesday, February 10, will enhance the literacy performance among his students. New Resource Room of Free Hill Primary and Infant School The resource room, fully air conditioned and equipped with four computers, printer, Internet connection, desk, chairs and filing cabinet, was officially handed over to the school by members of the Issa Trust Foundation and US-based group American Friends of Jamaica. The facility was built and furnished by Issa Trust Foundation at a cost of US$15,000 through funding provided by American Friends of Jamaica. Speaking to the North Coast Times following the handing over ceremony, Mr. Murphy explained that a special programme will be installed on the computers, noting that he now expects that the students entered for the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy exams as well as the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) will produce better results. “We are hoping that we will see significant improvement, in particularly the literacy rate, we are operating at 68 per cent and, I am sure, with the teacher who will be dedicated to the students here, we should be experiencing improvement,” Mr Murphy explained. Continue Reading the full article on the North Coast Jamaica Times Website »
Help build a playground for the children at Free Hill Primary and Infant School
  Free Hill Primary and Infant School in St. Mary, Jamaica is situated in the rural district of Free Hill, located approximately 10Km from it’s main town of Port Maria, the capital of St. Mary. The school, with students ranging from 4 to 12 years old, has a staff of 16 and caters to the social and educational needs of the 448 students. The students are drawn from the communities of Oxford, Geddes Town, Port Maria, Oracabessa, Bailys Vale, Jacks River, Fontabelle and as far away as Ocho Rios, Jamaica.   Help build a playground for the children at Free Hill Primary and Infant School, St. Mary Jamaica.