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The Issa Trust Foundation maintains collaborative efforts to build a broad base of support with hundreds of volunteers, key stakeholders and partners. We would like to sincerely Thank You, the Sponsors for having such a caring and giving heart! Without your partnership, this event would not have been possible. With your help, we will be able to refurbish and equip St. Ann’s Bay pediatric ward so the children and families will have a safe, pleasant and comfortable environment in which to stay, and the staff will have adequate and appropriate equipment to use.

The 28 bed ward with 4-bed isolation area will be a far cry from other hospital wards. We hope this will bring comfort to the parents whom are understandably overwhelmed being in the hospital with a sick or injured child.

You are the ones who have made this dream a reality! Thank You For Making A Difference!

Diane Pollard, President & CEO

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