Dr. Sheila Campbell

Advisory Team Member
Dr. Sheila Campbell-Forrester was educated at the University of the West Indies where she obtained a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery in 1975 and a Diploma in Public Health in 1978.  In 1997, she was awarded the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship and attended The Rollins School of Public Health, Department of International Health, Emory University in Atlanta. Prior to 1997, she served as Medical Officer and Senior Medical Officer of Health in the Western Region of Jamaica. After completing the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship in 1998, she returned to Jamaica and was appointed Regional Director of the Western Regional Health Authority.  In 2006, she was assigned to the Ministry of Health as Acting Chief Medical Officer and was confirmed in this position in 2007.  She officially retired on August 14, 2011 and is now an independent health systems and adolescent health consultant. Dr. Campbell -Forrester is an Adolescent Health Specialist and has served as Technical Advisor to the Pan American Health Organization, UNICEF and World Health Organizations on adolescent health issues and public health issues.  Between 1998 and 2000 she served as a member of the Technical Steering Committee on Child and Adolescent Health at the World Health Organization and pioneered the first Adolescent Health programme for St. James in 1984.  In 2008, she was a member of the panel that reviewed the 2008 World Health Report, “Primary Health Care – Now more than ever.” Dr. Campbell-Forrester lectures in Adolescent Health at the University of the West Indies, Department of Community Health and Psychiatry and has presented and co-authored several papers relating to adolescent health and other public health issues.  She has also served as Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Bachelor in Public Health Nursing at the University of Technology.  She has an interest in Public Private Partnerships in Health and believes that this is the wave of the future for strong health systems. She is a Methodist Lay Pastor and is married with two daughters. She is a member of the Society for Adolescent Medicine, the Medical Association of Jamaica, and a past Vice President for the International Adolescent Association for Health and a member of the National Bioethics Committee of Jamaica. Philosophy ‘Justice, integrity, kindness, humility, team work, perseverance and discipline are qualities required for leadership and achieving results.’