Diane Pollard

President & CEO
Diane Pollard worked in the earliest planning stages in 2004, and with children in Jamaica since 1997. Her responsibilities with Issa include program planning and implementation, volunteer recruitment and oversight, outreach to supporters and current and potential partners, evaluation, budgeting, advocacy and meetings with policymakers, and strategic planning. Diane makes at minimum 4 trips per year to Jamaica to ensure policies and project goals are being followed. She brings with her over 30 years of experience, beginning in the 1970’s in the legal area working for the Attorney General’s Office in Criminal and Special Prosecutions. Her broad experience of directing, overseeing, delegating, and managing various corporate entities has helped her gain success in the non-profit arena. Prior to her work with Issa, Diane has worked in both the private and nonprofit sectors for two decades, working for the Principal Financial Group as an IT Performance Training Assistant, Retail IS Market-Information Systems Technology Analyst, Systems Support Specialist, and Staffing Specialist; with Principal Residential Mortgage as a Vendor Manager; and with the United Way of Central Iowa as a Loan Executive. She has spent the last 20 plus years focusing her attention internationally helping children in need. Diane has raised over 10 million dollars in her efforts both locally and internationally. She is currently a member of the Iowa Lion’s Club, member of the Consulate General of Jamaica/New York Medical & Healthcare Council, United Way of Central Iowa’s Emerging Leaders Initiative. October 2017, Diane received the Badge of Honor for Meritorious Service by Jamaica’s Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen, King’s House. Certificate of Recognition by the State of Iowa for outstanding commitment to philanthropy and public service, with honors from State Representative Kevin McCarthy with a State of Iowa Recognition for improving the health conditions in Jamaica through the Issa Trust Foundation. Many years ago while on vacation in Jamaica there was a car accident, and so the bus took a detour. During a stop there was four-year-old boy standing in his underwear. He was curious and came up to the van and stood close to Diane’s window and stared at her. He had the biggest smile she had ever seen. “It was a moment that I cannot explain.” The smile on her face was overshadowed by the tears in his eyes. She placed her hand on the window and he placed his small little hand near hers. “It was like a sign, a moment, and a turning point in my life. I was forever changed. At that point she knew she wanted to do something for the underprivileged children of Jamaica even though she did not have a lot of money to contribute herself. Diane is married, has two married sons and four grandchildren.