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When I think of some of the challanges I have recenntly faced…
  1. I am thankful for the sun, the ocean, the sand, good food and drink. Oh yes, and Skype!
  2. I, for one, am also thankful for nurses drawing blood, but since we draw our own here, I am thankful that I still remember how.
  3. I am thankful for transdermal bilirubin devices. These would have made managing several of the patients this week (inpatient and outpatient) more efficient. Tempermental lab equipment makes bilirubin a send-out lab, of course when least convenient. Since bili lights are limited and the bulbs do not last forever, transdermal bilis could be quite cost and resource effective.
  4. I am thankful for urinalysis and urine dips being completed the same day. It was frustrating to evaluate for UTI when it took two days to determine whether or not leukocytes and bacteria were present. I’m still unclear as to why this happens here because the dipsticks are the same that we use.
  5. Mostly, though, I am thankful for the opportunity to volunteer in Jamaica. The relationships and experiences here are priceless ones. I am defineately more savvy that when I first arrived.
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One of the great things about being here on the resort is having so many of the things that I love to do right here in one place. After work, on most days I immediately change clothes and hit the tennis court. My game has much improved! On the weekends, its water sports and napping on the beach. Now I will say this, I am a whole lot more tired that I was back in the States but not for the reasons you might think. Basically before work in the mornings Amanda and I have been hitting the gym. So after tennis in the evening, I’m uttery exhausted! Why so much in one day you ask? Well around here there’s way too much great food (and beverage) around in one day. So the choice is clear, burn calories or buy new clothes!
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